The brain is 1.5kg and variously referred to as everything from a “bowl of curds” to “the most wonderful organ” in the known universe.

Allen Brain hippo_highlight_sm
View through transparent brain with some structures highlighted. Hippocampi in green and a coronal slice mid-way through brain shows interlocking C structure of cell layers – hardly a bowl of porridge. Image created using Allen brain atlas.

Whatever you call it, two things are certain: 1) “from the brain and the brain alone arise all our pleasures, joys, laughters…” and 2) the brain accomplishes this and more by sending and receiving electrical signals over a complex network of neurones and glia.

As a neuroscientist, I reside in the chasm between these two facts playing around in the dark.”

I created this personal website as an audio-visual sketchpad to jot down ideas about brain research. But the website is also for the neurocurious, with the aim of making cutting-edge research on the brain, including my own, accessible to everyone.