Dendritic Computations in Learning & Disease

I am a neuroscientist at the Institute of Experimental Epilepsy and Cognition research (IEECR). My research goals focus on dendrites in neuronal network, and ultimately how dendritic computations contribute to behaviour and go awry in disease.

Dendrites are the intricate and fascinating input structure of neurons with 10’s of thousands of synaptic inputs. The structure is not only beautiful but tightly tuned to perform computations that determine neuronal network activity in behavior.

Research Projects

Dendritic computation from network computation to disease

Dendrites in Epilepsy

Investigating the contribution of dendritic changes to pathology of acquired and genetic epilepsies.

Dendritic Morphology and Learning

Investigating how novel dendritic structures contribute to dendritic computations and learning.

GECI: Cautionary tale of Tools

Common tools to investigate activity in the brain resulted in artefacts. What do they look like and how to avoid them.

News & Updates


Excited about this afternoon’s symposium S28 in Hall D where we’ll discuss our latest findings on hippocampal representations of novelty and reward. Very glad #FENSForum2024 is offering meditation sessions in advance to calm the nerves… 🧘

Our @eLife paper on artefactual Ca2+ waves following calcium indicator expression is highlighted in neuroscience magazine @_TheTransmitter. Really nice talking with @avaskham and seeing the perspectives from @Sheffield_Lab, @DanielDombeck & @LoogerL

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