My research focuses on interrogating behaviourally-relevant circuits at the dendritic, neuronal and network level in both health and disease. We investigate how neuronal properties are tuned to process specific patterns of information and determine an appropriate output; and how dysregulation of information processing contributes to neurological disorders, such as epilepsy. Using advanced microscopy, optogenetic & electrophysiological techniques, we investigate morphological and biophysical features of dendrites, neurons and neuronal networks.

The focus of research is on the hippocampus, which I find a fascinating brain area. Firstly, the hippocampus is crucial for episodic memory – the memory of place and events. Secondly, the hippocampus is the focus for temporal lobe epilepsy, which is the most prevalent epilepsy world-wide, and may also be the site for many genetic epilepsies.

My aim is uncover the network features important in spatial coding and the alterations in pathway integration that result in the highly synchronised network event we see behaviourally as seizures.