Ebb&Flow Garden festival

We had a fantastic time hosting Ebb & Flow in Bonn as part of the Neon Hearts 2016 European tour. I have watched the video of the event many times since and I keep returning to these two songs. It’s partly because there are no kids ‘singing along’ during them, but mostly because I love the wild rhythm and the edgy tone. Hope you like them too.

‘Love in the Raw’ (dubbed Pure Liebe in german)

very danceable ‘No Pretender’ (in fact the slight jerk in the camera half-way through was probably coz of my daughter and I; first dance together).

let me know what you think in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Ebb&Flow Garden festival

  1. Really enjoyed watching these two videos – felt like I was right there – great performers and songs too – what fun you had! The patio looks quite impressive – did you build the wall too, or was that already there? Looks like a very useful space for you to use as a family too. Love to all of you!!! Linda

    1. Thanks Linda, we really enjoyed the event and I highly recommend either attending or hosting a house concert, and especially with Morten Gabby and Ronen.
      As for the patio, that was also fun. Got a team of friend to come around and we built everything over two weekends. The weeks prior I had done a fair amount of ground work & planning. But happy with the results

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