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Aberrant hippocampal Ca2+ micro-waves following synapsin-dependent adeno-associated viral expression of Ca2+ indicators. N Masala, M Mittag, EA Giovannetti, DA O’Neil, F Distler, P Rupprecht, M Wenzel* & T Kelly* 2024

Targeting aberrant dendritic integration to treat cognitive comorbidities of epilepsy N Masala, M Pofahl… L Ewell, S Blaess, T Kelly* & H Beck.* 2023
Brain 146 (6), 2399-2417

Axon-carrying dendrites convey privileged synaptic input in hippocampal neurons C Thome*, T Kelly*…  M Both, A Draguhn, H Beck, A Egorov. 2014
Neuron 83 (6), 1418-1430

Functional properties of granule cells with hilar basal dendrites in the epileptic dentate gyrus. T Kelly & H Beck. 2017
Epilepsia 58 (1), 160-171

Quantitative properties of a feedback circuit predict frequency-dependent pattern separation O Braganza, D Mueller-Komorowska, T Kelly & H Beck 2020
Elife 9, e53148

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